Tag: installation

Narrated by Lisa Phillops. This time-lapse is pretty cool. It shows how the 2 outdoor sculptures by Chris Burden were erected on The New Museum.

First time I’m hearing about Bruce Munro’s light work and this installation called Field of Light looks amazing. About 20,000 lights stuck into a field and shining just enough to create an incredible ambient glow.

Di Mainstone created this wearable instrument called The Human Harp that really doesn’t need a bridge to function, but it’s a lot cooler with a bridge, so she’s bringing this project around the world to different bridges as a sound installation.

The line for this tunnel project is ridiculous. I don’t expect that I’ll get a chance to go in here next Saturday, but that’s ok, because I’m content with this video here. It probably gives me a better view of it than being there any way.