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Diego Stocco – Custom Built Orchestra from Diego Stocco on Vimeo. Diego Stocco built his own custom instruments and created this orchestral piece out of them! Look at his process here!


Designboom has posted some photos of the process artist Pedro Reyes is using to turn used firearms from Mexico into working instruments. Here’s how the firearms are flattened and prepped. pedro reyes: imagine – destruction of firearms from designboom on Vimeo. Here are the instruments being made. pedro reyes: imagine – turning weapons into musical […]

Instruments of Robot Repair from robot repair on Vimeo. How can you not love this video? These are the instruments in Robot Repair’s aresenal. Robot Repair makes music for ads, movies, TV shows, and videos like this one.

As a partial ad for the Chevy Sonic, expert music video makers Ok Go drove around in the desert in a Chevy Sonic outfitted with arms which would hit “instruments” lined up across a track. Most complicated music video ever. The original song, if you’re unfamiliar, is “Needing/Getting”.

Taiwanese musical genius Shara Lin plays 3 instruments at once in this single-person concert. Obviously this would be more impressive if she were playing that beat in the background at the same time. I kid I kid! This is already mind-blowingly hard to do.