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This is a great behind the scenes look at how David Blaine and Intel prepared for an amazing 72 hour stunt involving Tesla coils and lots of electricity passing through Blaine.

Intel produced this video about how food trucks are increasingly becoming more hi-tech as they begin using online services like Twitter, Foursquare, and Facebook to let people know about their locations. Not to mention using Square and other similar services for credit card checkout. Looking forward to the next 2 videos from this series!

The last piece of advice given by Ricky Van Veen here is wonderful. And boy, did he clean up! No more mop hair!


Check out this neat interactive website from Intel called Museum of Me that digs through your Facebook profile (if you let it) and creates a virtual museum gallery of your friends, activity, and information on the social networking site.

Designer Michael Wolff is featured in this short Intel Visual Life documentary about how he views the world and lives in it as a person obsessed with everything that is visual. I love the different colors of everything that he has — umbrellas, mugs, pencils, etc. His home must be fun to live in.


Whoo! CrunchGear is reporting that Canon has just announced future support for Thunderbolt connectivity in their cameras and video cameras. Can’t wait to kiss USB camera connection goodbye! There’s no release schedule for Canon cameras with Thunderbolt options, but hopefully it’ll come sooner rather than later.