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Wow, this is a really cool video on how NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is exploring and experimenting with new human interface controls to control their robots and rovers.

I think over the years, Apple has really plateaued with iOS UI design. Android and Windows Phone have both made more lively, fluid, and interesting UI’s that don’t necessarily sacrifice functionality with good looks. One could argue that Apple hasn’t messed with a design formula that has proven to work well, and yes, that’s true, […]

GREEN. GREEN EVERYWHERE. Look at how far we’ve come! From the video description: The Blit (originally named the Jerq!) was an early graphical user interface, connected to a UNIX computer. Inspired by the Xerox Alto from the early 1970s, creators Rob Pike and Bart Locanthi wanted to make a graphics machine for use at Bell […]

If Microsoft designed all of the interfaces for the future, I wouldn’t mind one bit. I hope I live long enough to see at least some of these concepts come to life.

Recap: Better window resizing, cleaner and more intuitive conversation view, and better search.

I like this multitasking user interface Marcos Antonio de Lima Filho made. It’s not real but I wish it was.