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WHOA WHOA WHOA. Look at the inside of this place!! You would never expect this from the way the exterior looks.

Yikes. I’ve always worried about what would happen to me on a bus if the bus I was riding in happened to be in a crash. Chances are, just like the dummies in this video, I’d be catapulted out of my seat and possibly seriously injured or dead. And just imagine…this bus here isn’t even […]

Yet another video from DRIVE showing how Bentley’s wood interiors are put together. I posted a similar look at Bentley’s Wood Shop back in 2011 that you should check out too.

I’ve seen a few videos of Bentley’s production facilities, but this one takes the cake. It’s a video from DRIVE that shows just how Bentley has embraced technology both old and new to continue producing the best designed car interiors in the world.