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View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo. A lot of these types of videos are coming out (with images taken from the ISS). And I will watch every single one of them.

Watch this project from Adonis Pulatus who downloaded the freely available hi-res imagery of space photos from the International Space Station Expedition 30 crew and edited them into this time-lapse. The images were shot at super-high ISO on a Nikon D2X and a Nikon D3S. Incredible how detailed these photos are even at ISO 3200 […]

The ISS expedition crews 28 & 29 took these time-lapse images of the Earth using a low-light 4K camera between August and October of this year. Look at the lightning go off in those clouds! Do I even need to tell you to watch this in HD? [via]

It’s Earth Day today (didn’t you see the Google logo?), so enjoy NASA’s HD video of views of our beautiful planet from the International Space Station. According to NASA, the ISS travels at an approximate speed of 17,500 miles per hour, orbiting Earth every 90 minutes from an altitude of approximately 220 miles. Also interesting […]