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A quick interview with Esther Takeuchi, the inventor of the battery used in implantable defibrillators that monitor and keep people alive worldwide. She received a National Medal of Technology from the President.


John Lloyd Wright, the son of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was the inventor of the Lincoln Logs?! I had no idea!

These chairs (and its imitations) are so prevalent nowadays that I don’t even stop to think about who invented this thing. Here, PBS interviews David Palmer about his invention that has changed so many lives.

This is a simple modification to the traditional wheelchair by Jerry Ford. What it does is automatically stop the wheelchair from rolling away if the wheelchair occupant gets up to switch chairs or to reach something. This invention prevents the chair from rolling away from under the occupant by accident which can cause falls and […]

This is cool. PBS highlights the invention of the Practicello by¬†Ernest Nussbaum. For those of you who don’t know, the Practicello is a playable and normal sized cello that can be broken down and packed away easily for travel (or storage).