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Using silver, Kate Stone has invented a touch-sensitive paper surface that can be used to control a digital turntable on an iPad. Made more as a proof of concept than anything else, but hey, it works!

Tami Galt invented this collapsible wagon that looks like one of those Radio Flyer red wagons except that it can fold up like a camping chair. Pretty neat! Bring this with you along with the modular L.L. Bean kayak!

The Inventor of the Wilcraft: An amphibious, drivable, ice-fishing vehicle

The Wilcraft (the “Wil” part standing for Water, Ice, and Land) is am amphibious, drivable, ice-fishing vessel that makes it safer and easier for ice-fishers to do their work. It no longer requires people to drive their trucks out onto the ice which has a tendency to break due to the truck’s weight. With the […]


This drink is so recent that the inventor is still alive? I dunno why, but I always thought the Long Island Iced Tea was much older. Anyway, I also didn’t know so much different alcohol was in one glass.

This man is a boss. Watch this video from GE featuring Nick Holonyak talking about how he came to invent the modern red LED.

I’ve posted a big photo of the first digital camera by Steven J. Sasson previously, and now there’s a video by David Friedman interviewing the man behind the digital revolution in picture-taking. Definitely a must-see to see where we’ve come from since 1975.