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Drew Melton designed his own wedding invitation to look like a very ornamental newspaper ad. It’s filled with little details that makes you want to look at it with the newspaper right up to your nose. Really awesome. Check out some images inside and the sketches for this at Drew’s website.


I know this wedding invitation looks busy, but it is sooooooooo nice. The custom lettering was designed by Kyle Marks and made for the wedding of Mike & Tamara Moyer-Petty.


This is hands-down the best looking wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. Chris and Leesa’s camping wedding invite even gets the hand-sewn patch detail in the center. Absolutely gorgeous.


Oh Gizmo posted this link to Brooklyn-based Mélangerie Inc., a company that sells custom View Master wedding invitation boxes at 100-sized quantities (and up). This is pretty neat. I was thinking about doing something like this (not for a wedding, but just as a gift of some sort).


Kelli Anderson has designed this amazing paper record player built within the walls of this wedding invite. If spun at a rate of 45RPM, you will hear a song!