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This is hands-down the best looking wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. Chris and Leesa’s camping wedding inviteĀ even gets the hand-sewn patch detail in the center. Absolutely gorgeous.

It’s beautiful weather here in NYC right now. I’ve been riding just about every day this week. Feels good! Watch this video above and get pumped!

Who knows, this might end up like Wave or Buzz…but this might also end up being the best thing to come to the web in a long time. Thanks to James for sending over an invite to test this out!


Kelli Anderson has designed this amazing paper record player built within the walls of this wedding invite. If spun at a rate of 45RPM, you will hear a song!


Yesterday afternoon, I got invited to join Google Voice (formerly Grand Central), Google’s “Gmail for your phone”. Google Voice does many things including giving you a lifetime phone number that you’ll never ever ever have to change again, transcribing voicemails, allowing you to call any number for free within the US, call international numbers for […]