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Well, the nice thing about running your own personal site is that you get to tell people about your own personal eBay listings. Here’s one. I’m selling my like-new iPad 2. If you want one with extras for cheap, get bidding!

I’m going to get one of these for my new apartment. The Wallee Case + Wall Mount Disk securely fashions an iPad to any wall for photo displays, menu displays, interactive games, or just info displays. It’s also a great way to get the iPad off of your desk.


A simple accessory for the iPad and iPad 2 that will dramatically improve the music coming out of the speakers. If you pledge at least $15 before May 12, you will get an Amplifiear in either black or white! Here’s a sound test.


So The New iPad. It’s out. It’s better. It’s faster. It’s everything that the iPad 2 is not. Except when it’s actually just an iPad 2. Hahahahaha.

For iPad 2 only, Photoshop Touch allows you to work on Photoshop files on your iPad. Paired together with a Cosmonaut stylus, this might be a really, really great tool for designers and sketchers. The app is available now at the App Store for $9.99.


Whoa, just caught wind of these leather embossed Smart Covers for the iPad 2. The covers are $89 each and turn your modern iPad 2 into an old looking book cover. Nice, eh?