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This is made for the iPhone 4/4S unfortunately, but here’s hoping that Rokform makes something similar to hold the iPhone 5 because this dock is a beast.

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Updates on the iPhone 4/4S case from MNML. If you’re waiting for yours, it won’t be too long now.

In the most out-of-breath video I’ve seen in a while here is one man demonstrating the Samsung Galaxy S3′s Gorilla glass to the iPhone 4S’s non-Gorilla glass. Obvious winner here, so I’m not even sure why this comparison was made.

Employing make-up artists, stylists, and models for trade, Nick Fancher (of JackThreads fame) was able to shoot and produce an entire fashion shoot with nothing but an iPhone 4S and a reflector. An ambitious task that Fstoppers did with an iPhone 3G a couple of years back with Lee Morris. The shoot was edited and […]