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There’s a much deeper undertone to these videos from Jimmy Kimmel. It definitely shows that people often don’t know what they want and that what they may already have actually is good enough.

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An interesting development in retail for Urban Outfitters. The store has just announced that they’ve purchased their last cash register and in the future will be doing all sales transactions via on-floor iPod touches iPads at checkout counters.

North Point Community Church presented this “iBand” on stage at their Christmas service playing a medley of holiday music on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. No real instruments here. Thanks Joyce!

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IPEVO makes this Icon Power Pack for iPhone and iPod touch that makes use of EL film technology to display a large live battery meter that can be used to extend your iPhone’s battery life. It’s packaged quite nicely and I’m wondering if it’s more than just a pretty face.

The funniest parts in this dubbed clip from Good Will Hunting is the laugh coming out of Matt Damon’s mouth. [via]

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CableJive is always coming out with random accessories to make owning an iPod, iPod touch, or iPhone just a bit easier. Their latest, the duaLink, allows you to sync and charge 2 Apple devices through the same USB port. No more plugging in and out or using two different USB ports to keep both your […]