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Nick Ryan wrote and directed this short 10 minute film called The German about two fighter pilots (one Allied and one German) who both end up being captured on the same team in Ireland. Intense!

These types of chases don’t normally last very long, but this one in particular which took place at Cork Airport in Ireland lasted at least 15 minutes. And in that 15-minute timeframe, an SUV was stolen, cops were chased, a huge-ass firetruck was called (and chased), and the rest of the police force was called […]

This is funny only because you never expect it to happen to the President’s car. But sure enough during a visit to Ireland, President Obama’s highly modified Cadillac got stuck on a high curb while exiting the US Embassy.


Taking some obvious cues from legendary photographers Bernd & Hilla Becher, a photographer named James Young has gone around Ireland and photographed a bunch of water towers in the same straight-on styles seen in Water Towers. [via] BLDGBLOG has some more photos posted and you can hit up the official Water Towers of Ireland blog […]

Causeways from Jessica Hische on Vimeo. Jessica Hische (of fancy dock icon fame) posted this video of her recent trip to Ireland for the Build Conference. The song is “Little Garçon” by Born Ruffians. I love how this video is so darn simple and elegant in every way. I don’t know Jessica, but I feel […]


The BBC is showing the public how a frozen pizza is made by giving an exclusive look into the innards of a frozen pizza factory. [via] It’s amazing that 2 million frozen pizzas a week roll out of this factory with so little human involvement. Almost everything here is literally handled by machines, essentially allowing […]