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How does Old Spice make Isaiah Mustafa look so good in those whimsical scene-changing commercials that have proven so popular lately? If you guess huge moving sets, you are right as you’ll see in the video above showing how the Scent Vacation spot was created. Also, note the wardrobe of Director Tom Kuntz. Yes, that’s […]

Mike Relm took the recent video uploads on the Old Spice YouTube channel and remixed them into this neat little tune. Thanks Joe!

Isaiah Mustafa most recently of Old Spice viral video fame, has been responding to the internet in a variety of funny videos posted to the Old Spice YouTube account. They’ve posted a lot so far and they seem to be just as weird and awesome as the actual commercials. I don’t know any company right […]

This is the latest Old Spice ad featuring Isaiah Mustafa with a fake mustache…or is it?