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PRINZENZEIT * KORSIKA from david babendreyer on Vimeo. I want to go to there.

Watch this short documentary about Hashima Island, a small former industrial coal-mining village built on a piece of land off the coast of Japan. During its functioning days, the island was home to one of the first all-concrete structures which eventually inspired other cities’ low-income projects. In 1974, coal production waned and the company essentially […]


Whoa, check out these photos of a beach in Hainan island in China that was completely trashed by beachgoers following Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. According to citizens, the cleanup racked up 50 tons of garbage. HOW PACKED WAS THIS BEACH?!

Man, I really miss riding in Hong Kong. That city was on a whole different level. [via]


This set of photos from photographer Tim McKenna turns the beautiful island of Tahiti into a miniature playpen seen from above. [via]

The story goes that Brendon purchased this island (Moyenne in the Seychelles) in 1962 for about 8000 pounds. Since then, he has been pretty much the only human living on this island and he’s become friends with all the wildlife there. A beautiful place to live an entire life. So peaceful and harmonious with the […]