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According to the video uploader: Taking part are a whopping 350 cars; counting around 60 Aventadors including the new Aventador Roadsters, a few Murcielago LP670 SVs, LP650 Roadsters, all versions of the Gallardo including the Blancpain and Super Trofeo Stradale, more LP640s, Diablos, Miuras, Countaches, and even some tuned or custom cars from Liberty Walk […]


Photography Alice Caputo just won the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards in the ‘Lifestyle’ category for her work shown here entitled “Summer Family“. The photos show Alice Caputo’s family vacationing in 2012 in┬áLiguria, Italy. Her photographs are an example in seeing the beauty in the ordinary — something that I often try to emulate and […]


Signal Snowboards’ Founder Dave Lee went to Italy to some of the finest glass makers in the world and asked them to help him make a glass snowboard. They did — with precision — and he took it to the mountain. Pretty awesome. I hope he made two.


Thomas Jorion traveled to Italy, Switzerland and Germany and photographed abandoned villas and castles. These are pretty much 100% fantastic! Love this series!

Put This On Season Episode 5: Elegance (Milan) from Put This On on Vimeo. I loved the walk-through tour of the Carlo Barbera mill and the brown shoes vs black shoes debate at the end of this video.