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I just spent the last half hour watching this amazing behind the scenes look at the filming of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It’s so jarring to see Arnold laughing on set in such a serious film and the sheer amount of special effects — both digital and miniature — as well as the fantastic make-up design is […]

Disney’s 2005 feature Aliens of the Deep can be seen in full on YouTube (again, this isn’t a legal upload, but it’s there, so enjoy it while it’s still available). The film was directed by James Cameron (Titanic, etc.) and produced alongside NASA scientists who ventured down into the Mid-Ocean Ridge which is a system […]

James Cameron’s quest for answers in how the Titanic sank has resulted in a this spectacular new and precise CGI animation of the ship hitting the iceberg and then sinking in two pieces toward the ocean floor. This video here is a portion of the National Geographic special Titanic: 100 Years series which you can […]

I love mysterious movies like this, but I can already tell that this film is going to be a real cheesy retelling of this “true story”.

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Gloria Stuart, the Hollywood actress who once again rose to fame for her role as “old Rose” in Titanic, has passed away at the age of 100. Gloria was a Hollywood star during the depression-era but faded away into obscurity until James Cameron plucked her for the role of Rose in Titanic back in 1997. […]