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Brodown from James Jarvis on Vimeo. A separate project from the Keep Your Spot Tidy poster, but similar illustrations from James Jarvis. I like this one for MTV. [via]


The front (above) and back (below) of James Jarvis’ poster for “Keep Your Spot Tidy”.

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James Jarvis just posted a couple of photos of the recently released Coca-Cola cans he did to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary. There are a total of 6 cans in this pack and they are something of a collectible item at the moment since they aren’t released worldwide (as of now). I hope these make […]

Animator and vinyl figure creator James Jarvis (AMOS) teamed up with Richard Kenworthy to bring us this simple and amazing animation of a person running through a world of black, white, and yellow sketches. The video is a sponsored piece by Nike, but it is not necessarily an ad for the shoe brand. I think […]