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Dean Saffron visits this man named James who has taken it upon himself to collect a bike for every significant historical development in the history of bicycles. He’s well on his way it seems.

I remember getting this game from a flea market in Florida and playing it a lot. The fact that you could use a mouse with an SNES was so cool at the time. Now, it seems so…pointless. The drawing was neat, but the music-making was the best.

Fred Lee just posted a video of the wedding I attended 2 weeks ago for James and Maria! Even if you don’t know them, I’d encourage you to watch the video anyway because they are a beautiful couple at a gorgeous location. PS: At 2:09, you can see a glimpse of me and my brother. […]

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Photo by Todd Laffler My friend Gabrielle got married a couple of weeks ago to her now-husband James. The wedding was photographed by Todd Laffler who did a wonderful job. Check out the photos here.


My friend Gabrielle Leong just sent me a link to her engagement photo session with photographer Todd Laffler and the images are stunning as usual! Gabby will be getting married next year to her fiance James at the beautiful grounds of Princeton University. AWESOME!! Congratulations!!


I already posted one of these multiplicity shots when I came back on Wednesday, so here are the rest of them that I have collected so far.