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Is it cold in White Sands, NM? Why are they wearing jackets? I would have thought that it would be super-hot there almost all the time.

What a trip. Is Slab City on my list of places to go on a roadtrip? Possibly…


A heartwarming and informational post from Slate about the early start of the backpack and the two companies that eventually had market dominance over it (JanSport and L.L. Bean). I had just always assumed that backpacks were around as long as heavy textbooks were around, but that’s not the case. It wasn’t until the mid […]


Really loving this collaboration between HUF and JanSport. HUF says the backpack should be on sale on their website, but it’s not. Anybody know how much this is?


I just realized I have no idea where this backpack is. This is the last time I ever photographed it so I’m guessing it’s with the person in the photo above…(maybe?).

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A couple of weeks back, JanSport sent over a bright blue JanSport Monochrome series backpack, a new product series by the company that revives a popular backpack design from the 90′s. JanSport’s Monochrome backpacks take the Right Pack and infuses a blend of brightly colored Cordura fabrics along with a similarly colored leather bottom-side. The […]