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Using obscure Javascript libraries, Smore was able to bring Clippy and the rest of the Microsoft Agents to the web. Easy to input into any website, this will be a good one for April Fools. [via]


Amazing: The full Doom videogame has been ported over to the web using Javascript and you can now play it for free whenever you want!


the389 has a neat website up showcasing an animated javascript water droplet made out of checkboxes. [via]

Ok, this is just as geeky as the last post about waves and scrollbars, but I swear it’s worth your time. Mr.doob (not me) has created this depth of field plane using 300 spheres that turn into a cube and then into a larger sphere. The animation might run a bit slow on some systems, […]

Scrollbars Experiment from Yazev on Vimeo. Over at the389, you can play around with this javascript scrollbar experiment that turns a bunch of scrollbars into waves. It’s part of the Chrome Experiments website which also has a lot of awesome fun javascript goodies to play with. [via]


Browser Ball looks like something you wouldn’t want to waste your time with. I mean, who would want to throw a virtual ball around in your monitor? But ahh! There’s something else to it! You see, Browser Ball is an experiment in advanced Javascript, and as nerdy as that sounds, this is what makes it […]