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Really loving these graphic and vintage-looking JetBlue advertisements made by Lab Partners.

Conan started uploading scrapped rehearsal bits to YouTube. The videos give a rare glimpse into the un-perfected segment of the show and also the dress-down nature of the rehearsals and walk-thrus. Pretty cool.

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I don’t fly JetBlue often or pick up people from the airport who are flying with JetBlue, but I just want to say that their flight status page is one of the best in the airline industry. It’s exactly what you need to know along with some very helpful weather info to go along with […]

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I only just found out that all day JetBlue’s been running a sample sale on select routes in and out of many major cities across the US. Fares start as low as $29 one-way and go up to $149 (taxes and other fees not included). The catch is that you have to be free on […]


This was bound to happen. Two individuals, Dustin Curtis and Alaska Miller, have purchased the JetBlue unlimited flight pass and are intending to fly to JetBlue’s 43 JetBlue-served cities in 30 days (between September 8 and October 8). They have researched the trip and believe that they will need about 83 flights to successfully reach […]