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You’ve seen the stabilized version of the Zapruder film, but now check out this HD widescreen version¬†made by¬†Antony Davison.

Here’s an odd viral marketing stunt from X-Men that links Magneto with JFK’s assassination.

Filmmaker Errol Morris shows off this clip from his 2011 documentary on the JFK assassination, specificially surrounding the controvery-filled “umbrella man” standing on the grassy knoll.


Last weekend I had the rare chance to join hundreds of other Open House New York participants in viewing the former TWA Flight Center attached to JFK. The TWA Flight Center is a phenomenal piece of architecture opened in 1962 and designed by Eero Saarinen. Stepping inside is a bit like stepping into a time […]

I really want to see this. The Newseum in Washington, D.C. is home to “JFK: Three Shots Were Fired”, an exhibit that wholly dedicates itself to the way news media covered the assassination of President Kennedy on the day and the days that followed. It was, as Newseum notes, one of the earliest forms of […]