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Amazing relaunch of John Prolly’s (not his real name) website. It’s now known as The Radavist and that’s where you should be going to get all of your bike news fix! Congrats!!


John Prolly has posted a great gallery of large photos from inside the Tanner Goods factory in Portland, Oregon. I can almost smell the leather coming out of my monitor… I want to visit this place.


That Ultimate Photographers Bag from ILE that I want really, really badly has been reviewed in its 2nd incarnation (Mk II version) by photographer and rider John Prolly. As expected, this bag is built tough for photographers on the go and has been rated very highly by Prolly himself (no wonder, considering the fact that […]

First-ever solo edit from John Prolly riding in Austin!

The Atavistic Urge from Sara Kinney on Vimeo. John Prolly and Sara Kinney went into Bushwick to visit some local bike frame builders to talk to them about their craft. Their frames are truly remarkable. Check them out here.