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Remember Popcorn Time, the app that let you stream torrents of movies and TV shows effortlessly on your computer without having to download them first? Well, now there’s Joker, a website that lets you do basically the same thing. That’s right. Stream torrents right inside your browser. Nothing to download. I haven’t actually gotten it to work, […]


I’m beginning to think that joining Bicycle’s Club 808 isn’t really worth the money. Not sure if I’ll renew for next year.

Here’s some footage from a French documentary that takes a look at Heath Ledger’s diary during the  filming of The Dark Knight. In the video, Heath’s father Kim Ledger, flips through a few pages and recalls how his son locked himself in a hotel room for weeks to prepare for the role of Joker.

This video tutorial shows you how to accurately put on the Joker face from The Dark Knight.