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The Last of UsĀ is a video game and one of the goals is to survive one of the character’s (Ellie) jokes from a joke book. Here’s a video that basically gets it all done for us so we can hear what the jokes are. Some of them are pretty clever.

Some very unpolished jokes said by Jerry Seinfeld and written on yellow ruled notepad. How does he stare at that for so long?

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I really enjoyed this list of subtle jokes from Arrested Development. It gets me excited for Season 4 which is filming right now!

This is a fantastic look into the life and creative process of comedian Mitch Hedberg (who died suddenly back in 2005) from the recollections and thoughts of his widow Lynn Shawcroft. The short video was shot and edited by Scott Moran. So neat to see Mitch’s own handwriting scribbling down those insanely funny jokes which […]