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Complex posted this pretty insane “prank” video of at least 2 (maybe more) guys involved in stepping on people’s brand-new Jordans. At first, I thought these scenarios might have been set up on purpose for the video, until I saw the last encounter in the video above. Straight punch to the face.

Lots of Chris Paul doubles standing very still in this live-action, real-time freeze frame ad at Venice Beach.

Thrash Lab sent a reporter to go and see what drives people to collect sneakers. Not just regular old sneakers either. These are valuable, collectible, rare sneakers that go for several hundreds of dollars and can resell for up to 10x more.


Me, Jordan, and Ilya at Rice Queen listening to jazz (and causing a ruckus).

Here’s the teaser for the documentary about Jordan Heads (people who obsessively collect Nike Jordan sneakers).