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Seriously, how cute is this mini creamer carafe? I normally keep my creamer in the supermarket container, but for $14, this is worth pouring it out!

In 14 steps, Dave Hakkens made a porcelain jug shrink from a 5 liter container to a 10 milliliter container. Just for fun.

Do We Have Milk? from Teehan+Lax Labs on Vimeo. By adding a weight sensor to a milk jug, Teehan+Lax Labs have created a milk jug that notifies you of when milk is running low and where you can get more. I want.


Pricey, but for $68 you not only get a half gallon of premium US Grade A medium amber maple syrup, you also get this nice glass jug too!

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Have any of you seen these new milk cartons/containers available at select supermarkets? I think this new design is so much smarter than the former 1 gallon jugs mainly because of what you can do in terms of packing and shipping for these milk containers. I believe the rectangular design allows for easy stacking without […]