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This is an interesting video about jumping both in real life and in video games. When was the last time I jumped? I don’t even know. I don’t do it often. But in video games like Super Mario Bros., it’s true, I do itĀ all the time. And without even thinking about it. But it turns […]

Jumping Crocodiles in Slow Motion

That last close-up shot of the crocodile’s mouth just makes me thinkĀ dinosaurs.

Tezuka Osamu’s experimental films have just been uploaded to YouTube and some of them like this one here is pretty great. In this one called “Jumping”, a young girl jumps and with each jump gains a farther distance until she jumps into war-torn Japan. Classic animation with a simple story. Love it!

A lot of people who have never been to Australia think that kangaroos are just running rampant in every part of the country. This is not true, and certainly not the case in urban city areas where people tend to visit most in Australia (Sydney and Melbourne). However, sometimes kangaroos do find themselves in the […]