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This is the most awesome cake I’ve ever seen. Cakecrumbs baked and decorated this spherical cake to look like the planet Jupiter. Cut it open and you get different layers of core. Amazing work right here.

A fantastic video about Jupiter. Who can’t use a bit of science combined with spectacular CG and actual footage? You should watch this.

I can’t believe I even found this online. One of my favorite things at the Griffith Observatory was this orange liquid-filled sphere that you spun to simulate the weather patterns of Jupiter. It was a small part of the entire Observatory exhibit but one that I liked so much that I wished they would sell […]

While watching a recent lunar eclipse video, Brad Goodspeed imagined what the Earth would look like if it were in the place of the Moon. Then, things got crazy and he started replacing the Moon not just with Earth, but with other planets like Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter! He made this animation to show just […]


Photo: AFP / Getty Images / Anwar Amro This is a bit old, but on Monday, December 1, 2008, Venus, Jupiter and a crescent moon all lined up perfectly in the sky to create the illusion of a smiley face or a sad face (depending on what hemisphere and region you were looking up at […]


This photo of a Goliath Grouper is one of the winners of the 2007 Nature’s Best Photography awards. The photo was taken by Michael Patrick O’Neill in Jupiter, Florida. “The Goliath grouper is one of the largest predators found in Atlantic, Caribbean, and eastern Pacific reefs. Reaching eight feet in length and weighing up to […]