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DAMN! Watch this armed robber get totally taken down and shaken by a police K-9 dog. That dog is NOT LETTING GO.

This is the first time I’m hearing about such a vehicle, but apparently these Tornado Intercept Vehicles are real and were meant to endure such extreme conditions as the one seen in the video above. The vehicles are modified to be driven into tornados with IMAX equipment on board. The TIV2 which captured the video above […]

May 18, 2013. Here are a couple of more videos of this massive tornado.

Handcraft KC: Oddly Correct from SCOUT VISUAL on Vimeo. Oddly Correct is a group of coffee roasters and baristas located on Main Street in Kansas City, MO. Here’s a look at how the 3 founders do the thing they love the most — COFFEE. [via]

I’m telling you, VICE is doing some of the best reporting out there by any media company. This intimate and in-depth 2-part interview speaks to Steve Drain, the Westboro Baptist Church’s main PR man, and to a couple who left the WBC and gets the low-down on what drives this “church” to hate. It’s long, […]