I had no idea KATSU was experimenting with a graffiti drone. This could be big…


Photo from 12ozProphet This is just hilarious. Graffiti artist KATSU created a huge, unauthorized spray tag in broad daylight on the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles where an exhibit on street art and graffiti entitled Art In The Streets is set to open on April 17th. There are reports that […]

Notorious graffiti writer KATSU went to Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. and tagged the White House with his signature name. PS: Do I even need to tell you that this video is fake?


Holy crap, this is epic. Graffiti writers KATSU and MORAL used high pressure fire extinguishers filled with paint to cover large city walls with their tags. [via] Remember that photo I posted on Twitter of the huge KATSU tag somewhere along Riverside Park? Well, this video above shows how that exact tag was done.