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Here’s another smart lock. The market is really buying into these aren’t they? This one is called Goji and it seems to be the most feature-packed of all of the smart locks I’ve seen. I want one.


I really want this. My phone is with me all the time and to have it be my key instead of my actual keys would be such a huge convenience. The Kevo lock uses your phone’s Bluetooth technology to sense proximity to your door and lets you unlock your door with the touch of your […]


Originally $99, this PB Swiss rainbow hex key set is now on sale for just $60!


Who out there still has one of those extremely limited runs of Doobybrain plastic hotel keys? Send me a picture of you holding it!


An interesting story over at The New York Post about a man named Daniel Ferraris who might be committing a crime (nobody is quite sure if he is yet) by selling master keys on eBay that can open up things like city-locked gates, elevator panels, electrical boxes, etc. I actually want a set, not to […]


Today, I officially retire this key to my NYC apartment. I wish The Hundreds still sold these blank keys because I’d love to have this again for my California apartment.