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So thankful for The Verge for making this video because honestly, I don’t have the time anymore to sit around and listen to an entire keynote.


The Verge recaps what is understandably the worst and weirdest CES keynote ever given. Everything from bad actors, to Big Bird, to more bad actors, to Steve Balmer, to Rolls Royces, to Maroon 5 being dubbed with Dido. It’s all there, and it’s incredibly funny.


I just want to say how wonderful it is to use Keynote after so many years of Powerpoint torture. Apple’s Keynote almost makes me want to make a slide presentation. Almost. Anyway, I have absolutely no use for the other two applications in the iWorks Suite, so I uninstalled them right away. Oh, and also, […]

Holy moly! Look at the crispness of this video I uploaded to YouTube to test their HD capabilities. It’s an Apple Keynote presentation sample I made and then screencasted. I left the video at full resolution and then uploaded it to YouTube and this is the result. I’m not sure if HD will play as […]