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Cellar Window’s Fuego playing cards, inspired by the Day of the Dead, are now on Kickstarter! Check them out!

This is a great video about the “survivor tree” from Ground Zero during 9/11. It was rehabilitated, saved, and placed back in its place near Ground Zero. You can see it today at the 9/11 Memorial Pools.

Here’s an interesting start-up called HandUp that is being described as a Kickstarter for homeless and people in need. The company lets the public donate directly to people in need — whether it be clothes, a computer, or a home. HandUp takes care of any fees between you and your recipient and makes sure that […]

This makes me so so happy! One of the most important shows in my childhood, Reading Rainbow, is back thanks to a round of early funding by fans and reading advocates via Kickstarter. In fact, as it now stands, the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter project is now the most-funded project in all of Kickstarter history, currently […]