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Whoa. So it looks like Archie Andrews, the famed namesake character of the Archie comic books, is going to be killed off this July in an issue of Life With Archie.

Curiosity Killed The Cat from Trunk Animation on Vimeo. Heh, a slightly dark take on Curiosity Rover’s name and the common phrase uttered with the same word.


Remember that crappy photo of the giant rat caught in the housing projects in NY? It was a gambian pouched rat of some sort and it looks like another one has been caught (see photo above). Man, imagine that running across your kitchen floor.


Photographer unknown There’s an interesting 41st photo over at The Atlantic’s In Focus photoblog that details the whereabouts of the supposed 3 photos known to exist of Osama bin Laden’s dead body. The photo, which has never been seen by the public, has been denied to people and organizations who have submitted FOIA requests for […]