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Sometimes you wish for something and you get it in the most horrible way possible. This kid knows what I’m talking about!


Consider this a long-read: Michael Moore has penned a well-written opinion piece (on his own website, duh) about what the death of Osama Bin Laden means to the United States and to others who look up to the United States. First off, he says he is glad that Osama is dead. I don’t think there’s […]

Larry Althiser of Larry’s Custom Meats, who was featured in a video I posted earlier about where your meat comes from on a cow, is featured once again in this slightly shocking and controversial video showing the killing and cutting floor of his meat processing plant. Obviously, this video isn’t going to be for everyone […]

Rat Killer of Washington Square Park, NYC from Paul Garafola on Vimeo. I feel like this is very wrong. Also, this proves that Washington Square Parks is friggin’ dirty as hell. Nasty. [via]


If there was ever a person that needed to see the wrath of 4chan, please let it be this girl here who is seen in the video above committing multiple acts of animal cruelty by throwing helpless puppies into a river. WTF. This is seriously the most messed up video I’ve ever seen. The video […]


It was 10 years ago today that the high school massacre at Columbine occurred, and not surprisingly, there’s a new younger generation who know nothing about it or that it even happened. Last week, USAToday published an article that effectively laid to rest many of the assumptions that the public was led to believe immediately […]