Tag: Kings Wild Project

Brendan Hong’s joint project with Kings Wild Project has gone live and is already fully funded. You can snag a deck for yourself here. More photos inside.


Jackson Robinson can do no wrong. He makes a number of my favorite playing card decks. And now The Independence set has been added to my owned list.


Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project has unleashed his latest creation, a reimagining of the Tally-Ho playing card deck in a wonderful yellow and blue colorway. Snag a deck now for just $8.


At the moment, this is the deck of playing cards that I’m most excited about being released. It’s part of the Kings Wild Artist Series and word is that it will be printed through the Expert Playing Card Co.. Check out some more images of this gorgeous deck inside.


No real information on this deck yet, but it looks like Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project is set to release a yellow Tally-Ho deck. Pretty exciting.