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A great public service announcement from Kirby Ferguson on the destructive nature of patent trolls. Help bring change by visiting FixPatents.org to find out more information.

Kirby Ferguson’s latest film project is entitled This Is Not A Conspiracy Theory and it explores the nature of conspiracy theories and their origins and manifestations in popular culture. If you don’t know, Kirby Ferguson is the brainchild behind the really interesting Everything Is A Remix series where he explored the reuse and repurposing of filming tropes […]

So glad that Kirby Ferguson is back with his Everything Is A Remix project! This one is about how the iPhone copied in two different large portions of its development.

Kirby Ferguson of the amazing Everything Is A Remix videos gives this talk at TED about remixing popular culture by taking old media and creating new media. As always, Kirby brings relatable examples from modern-day and weaves them in with historic facts to prove that what we think is “original work” actually isn’t.

If you don’t have the time to watch all of the Everything Is A Remix episodes by Kirby Ferguson, then here’s your chance to get a quick recap of all of it in one sitting. Here, Kirby explains how creative works are all derivative of an earlier piece of work and how pop culture has […]