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Summer is right around the corner and The World’s Best Ever is celebrating with one of the simple and fun ways to ring in the warmer weather and high winds: KITE FLYING. The HIGH Kite and Journey Tube is a limited edition (20) product made by master kite-maker Dan Ward and can be flown just like a […]

Windless kite flying

Here is Spencer Watson doing his award-winning routine at the 12th annual Windless Kite Festival earlier this year in January. And now I know about this sport. Pretty insane. Reminds me of a stunt kite, except you fly this one indoors with no gusts of wind nearby.

RED OCTOPUS from René & Radka on Vimeo. These are the coolest kites I’ve ever seen. LOBSTER from René & Radka on Vimeo. BLUE OCTOPUS from René & Radka on Vimeo.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen fireworks lit from this point of view. It’s certainly interesting to watch.