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WIRED just posted this video. It’s incredible and it sort of looks fake on video, but it’s real. The kite features 1700 3d printed connectors, carbon fibre rods and cubenfibre aerospace fabric. This video shows the whole team at the kite’s test flight in Jersey. But why the weird soundtrack for this video? PS: I […]

Documentary filmmakers Jonathan Saruk and Benoit Faiveley created this short video about some of the people who make kites in Afghanistan and fly them as a leisure activity. The video is an unofficial real-life extension of the 2007 film The Kite Runner and is no doubt inspired by the spectacular story told by that book/film. […]

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Umm, wow. Just look at this amazing panorama of San Francisco taken by George L. Lawrence in 1906 after the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The resolution in this photo is just stunning. Head on over to How To Be A Retronaut to see the full sized image.

A snowboarder accidentally gets lifted high into the air while hanging onto a kite.