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Totally different feel from her other stuff. I like this.

For those of you who cannot own a pet cat, there’s now an iPad app made just for you! Kitty! is now out in the App Store and it allows you to virtually pet a cat and wake him/her up. He/she even stretches. It’s almost like the real thing, right?

If cats could laugh, I bet this room would be full of laughter right now. [via]

This video of a dog named Denver acting incredibly guilty when his owner finds out that one of the 2 dogs in the household has eaten kitty treats is exactly what Joey does when he knows he’s done something wrong! The squinting, the looking away…man, maybe this is just something Labs do? [via] UPDATE: See? […]

For those of you stuck at home because of the snow, enjoy this hilarious video of a cat and a little girl on a trampoline. [via]