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After seeing the video (below) of a 5-year-old kid crying because he was upset about Jeremy Lin not returning to the Knicks, Jeremy Lin set up a Skype video session with the kid and let him ask Lin questions for 9 minutes! Class act!!


Photo: Getty A really great read on the outspoken disrespect Carmelo Anthony had for Jeremy Lin by saying Lin’s contract numbers with the Rockets were “ridiculous”. What’s relevant here is not whether Melo was right or not about Lin’s contract. Plenty of NBA players surely agree with him. What’s relevant is that he said it […]

Photo: Getty This post from Eddie Huang has a funny paragraph: I would never in my life discount the effect of Yao Ming. He’s the god, but if Yao exported the NBA globally, Lin penetrated it domestically. He looked like us, talked like us, and had a xanga like us. I could’ve sat next to […]