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Here are the first two episodes of Dan Matthews’ incredible story of traveling to Korea and reuniting with his birth parents and coming to terms with the fact that he is an identical twin! Episode 2 after the jump!

According to this Korean doctor, traditional Korean medicines used feces from animals and humans quite regularly to treat an assortment of ailments. While certainly out of common practice, the act of making “feces wine”, a sort of medicine, is at least still made by this doctor. How? By using the poo from a 4-7 year […]


An interesting note by LA Weekly magazine on a side of the 1992 LA Riots that I’ve never heard anybody speak or write about. In a book by Brenda Stevenson entitled The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins: Justice, Gender, and the Origins of the LA Riots, the author argues that despite the highly publicized trial […]