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This is one of the weirdest facts I’ve learned about LA. It turns out that the location of Koreatown’s Boiling Crab is none other than the famous Brown Derby Restaurant, seen above in an old undated photo! I always thought the top of the Brown Derby Plaza was kind of awkward, but for some reason […]

Reuters photographer Hyungwon Kang visits Los Angeles 20 years after covering Koreatown for the L.A. Times during the infamous riots. At the time, Kang was the LA Times’ only Korean-speaking photographer on staff and his images of the Koreatown riots gives a unique and insider perspective ┬áto those chaotic events.

Cool, I didn’t know Anthony Bourdain did an episode on LA’s Koreatown. This reminds me that I need to visit every single one of Roy Choi’s establishments sometime in my lifetime.