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Damn, it really has almost been 3 years since the release of this video! Here’s Kreayshawn watching her break-out music video “Gucci Gucci” nearly 3 years after its release.


Kreayshawn is pregnant, and she doesn’t really like it. But hey, check out her Tumblr design — it looks just like Myspace!

I like Kreayshawn. I obviously don’t know her, but she comes off as a pretty out-there creative individual, someone who’s making a name for themselves by doing what they love and pretty much not caring about anything else. Her full-album debut isn’t what I was hoping for given her more catchier singles, but no matter, […]

STORYBOARD: Breakfast with Kreayshawn from Tumblr on Vimeo. Tumblr Storyboard reminds me that Kreayshawn’s debut album Something ‘Bout Kreay is out. It’s on Spotify too.