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Yikes, watch until the end of this video to see Kristen sort of squirm when giving an answer to whether she’s back together with Robert Pattinson.

“Looking nauseous”. That’s the look I’ve been trying to pinpoint about Kristen Stewart ever since I first saw her on screen!

Sigh. This is wonderful! [via] And in case you missed it, here’s a supercut of Kristen Stewart biting her lips.


Photo by Terry Richardson Is it just me or does Dakota Fanning look like a giant here? Kristen just looks cracked out (as always).


It’s only a week until The Runaways (starring Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart) gets released nationwide, but there’s already a lot of hype and good early reviews coming out for the film. For those who don’t know, The Runaways is about the all-girl rock band from the 70′s by the same name who became a […]