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Curbed LA has a great set of historical photos of the Los Angeles River before it was paved over by the Army Corps of Engineers after a destructive flood in March 1938. Seen here are two images shot from the 7th Street Bridge over the infamous LA River. It looks similar to today’s LA River […]

New music and music videom from Mat Kearney. The entire thing is filmed from a flying drone in one single take inside the LA River.

I like this. Calder Greenwood installs a few of his cardboard statues in places like the LA River (anybody know what section of the LA River he’s at towards the end of the video?).

Are you sick of this song yet? I’m not! Also, this portion of the music video starts in my favorite spot in LA — the famed LA River.

I miss the silence and calmness of the LA River under the 6th Street Bridge.