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The Los Angeles Times’ Homicide Report page gets a visual makeover to further drive home the point that LA is a really deadly place to live. Racial tensions, gang violence, and just flat out crazy people aren’t a good mix.

Reuters photographer Hyungwon Kang visits Los Angeles 20 years after covering Koreatown for the L.A. Times during the infamous riots. At the time, Kang was the LA Times’ only Korean-speaking photographer on staff and his images of the Koreatown riots gives a unique and insider perspective  to those chaotic events.

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The LA Times’ Homicide Report is back after a short hiatus. With the return is a brand-new interactive homicide map for LA County along with stats on what types of homicides are taking place, where they are taking place, and who the victims are. LA County is the largest county in the US (over 10 million […]


The LA Times Olympic Printing is the largest newspaper press in the United States. As its name suggests, the plant is where The Los Angeles Times prints its newspapers daily, but the location is also the same place where The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, China Daily, and a number of […]


The LA Times has a profile on a man named David Tran who you may not know by name, but you most likely know the product he’s responsible for — Sriracha hot sauce. His guiding principle of making “a rich man’s sauce at a poor man’s price” has turned out well for him since starting […]


According to this fantastic map from the LA Times, I live on the border of Larchmont and East Hollywood. I love these maps from the LA Times because it allows me to get all paranoid for no reason due to the live updating of the crime map. GTA here, theft from vehicle here, assault there, […]